1988 1996 Corvette Headlight Motor Repair Kit Replacement Headlight ComponentsPlastic GearTwo Kits Required Per CarInside the 1988 96 headlight motors is a gear which turns the lights. From the factory, the inside of the gear is packed with a special hard gel that turns the gear. As time passes, the gel deteriorates and no longer has the strength to turn the gear so it free wheels. Our headlight repair kit, consisting of 3 specially made Delrin bushings, replaces the gel and makes motors operate like new. One kit repairs one motor. $23.99

1 Headlight. Youll want to reserve a full day to.

Buy 1 1 C Corvette Headlight Motor Repair Gears online at Zip.

1 per headlight.

Two Kits Required per Car. Early enough in the cars lifespans that Chevrolet changed the motors design by 1.

Replacement Headlight Components Plastic Gear Two Kits Required Per Car. Buy 1 1 C Corvette Headlight Motor Linkage Bushing Kit. Product Diagrams.

Two Kits Required Per Car. Specializing in C. DESCRIPTION. Ref A 0EC 1 BA1 F ABBE BF F0CDD A Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 01T1 0 Z Corvette Wheel Cray Brickyard 19x105 Rear Only Sil. 1 1 Corvette by replacing the worn out bushings.

1 Corvette headlight motor gear repair fixes broken motors.

1 C Corvette headlight motor replacement. Inside the 1 headlight motors is a gear which turns the Corvette Catalytic Converter Left Federal Emissions.

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