1997 2004 Corvette Door Main Weatherstrip Left Side Dri Exact Duplicate Of OriginalSuperior Fit And Sealing QualitiesWeatherproof Urethane Coating Provides Tough As Nails SkinPremium EPDM Synthetic Foam Rubber ConstructionSmooth Finish Won't Stick Or Pull ApartFits Driver's Side Of 1997 2004 C5 Corvette's OnlyMade In The USABuying weatherstrip for your C5 1997 2004 Corvette is an investment. Beyond the obvious benefit and duty of weatherstripping to keep you and your valuable interior dry, there are other key points to consider. For starters all of the weatherstrip components must fit properly so that moving parts like doors close easily without having to slam them. Additionally you want to make sure the parts have the right finishes and release agents built in to the weatherstrip so that moving parts release smoothly without ever tearing the weatherstrip apart. Next, you want to make sure that all of the weatherstrip has the correct dimensions, molded ends where applicable and that any attachment points are just like the originals. Of course it is made to factory specs but what makes it superior is its construction. It is made of an EPDM synthetic foam rubber ethylene propylene diene monomer that has a urethane coating. The EPDM allows the door to close easily while the urethane coating provides a tough as nails skin that also has a smooth finish. The urethane stands up to the ozone and inclement weather w $144.99

1 00 C Corvette Main Door Seals.

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Corvette Rubber prides itself on providing quality American made products. NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 1 Z.

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1 00 Corvette Door Main Weatherstrip Left. Corvette 1 Piece Weatherstrip Coupe C 1 00. When you count on quality weatherstripping for Americas favorite sports car you can count on Corvette. 1 00 Corvette Door Main Weatherstrip Left Side Driver Quality.

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1 00 Corvette Door Panel Access Cover Plug.

Quality weather stripping on sale for your body windshield hood door coupe convertible. Seals for your C Corvette with RPIs new quality made in packages Corvette Stingray Airaidreg Performance Air Filter W. How to replace the roof weatherstrip on a C Corvette with genuine GM part 10 1 corvetteweatherstrip corvette c corvette Comment Corvette Stingray Style Replica Wheels 19x10 2005 20.

Replace old weatherstrip seals for your C Corvette with RPIs new quality made in packages.

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