BM Racing Automatic Z Gate Shifter Reverse Lockout Meets NHRA And IHRA Requirements Features Backup Light Switch, And Neutral Safety Switch Includes T Handle And 5 Foot Long Shifter Cable Base Trims To Custom Fit Floor Easy Installation Fits GM TH400, 350, 250, 200 Automatic Transmissions. NOTE Fits 3 Speed Automatic Transmissions OnlyThis BampM Z Gate Shifter is the perfect combination of classic styling and performance for the perfect price!. The patented Z shaped architecture eliminates the possibility of overshifting and missing a gear. Even more, this easy to operate shifter has many of the features found in our top of the line units. The gate style shifting mechanism uses a plate with stepped notches to act as stops from gear to gear. Because of the cable operated design, they also can be easily installed. It fits 3 speed automatic transmissions only. Give your car an upgrade with the Z Gate Shifter from BampM and trust Eckler's for all your restoration and performance parts needs. $195.73

Z Shaped Vertical Gate This shifters foolproof mechanism provides ratchet like action due to its unique Z shaped gate that eliminates overshifting. Free shipping when your order includes this part. B M Automatic Z Gate Shifter. Brand B M Racing. Automatic Shifter Gate Speed Floor Includes Neutral Safety.

Give your car an upgrade with the Z Gate Shifter 0 1 For Speed Automatic Transmissions. B M 0 1 Z Gate Automatic Shifter Shifters FREE.

B M 0 Pro Ratchet Race Shifter Speed Automatic.

Its patented internal Z shaped gate system eliminates the possibility.

B M 0 1 Automatic Shifter Z Gate Universal made by B M for as low as 1.

How to Shift a B M Z GATE SHIFTER SUITS TH 0 TH 00 C MORE BM 0 1 B M Automatic Speed Floor Includes Neutral Safety. Not unless you are installing an older c automatic transmission in a drag racing. Description B M Z Gate Shifter 0 1 For Speed Automatic Transmissions.

Ref A FC1 E 0 A DFAF AE CE 1 Ref B NYCEDGE100 Ref C 0 0 0 T1 1Z Door Sill C4 Convertible Lh 1986 1987.

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