Brake Rotors Front wHD Brake Option Wilwood Promatri KEY FEATURES amp BENEFITSReplaces Worn or Cracked Rotors High Performance Brake Rotor amp Pad Upgrade Fits Stock amp Aftermarket Wheels amp Factory amp Wilwood Brake Calipers Fits 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 Corvettes wHD Brake Option NOTEnbspBedding in new pads and rotors should be done carefully and slowly. Rapid heat build up in the brake system can lead to warped rotors and or glazed brake pads. Most brake pad compounds will take up to 300 400 miles to fully develop an even transfer film on the rotors. After installing new pads make 6 to 10 stops from approximately 35 mph with moderate pressure. Make an additional two to three hard stops from approximately 40 to 45 mph. Do not allow the vehicle to come to a complete stop.When completed with this process, park the vehicle and allow the brakes to cool completely before driving on them again. Do not engage the parking brake until after this cooling process is compete.SPECIFICATIONSQuality Levelnbsp High Performance Upgrade Constructionnbsp 12, 2 Piece, Vented, Drilled amp SlottednbspSRP Rotors Finishnbsp High Tech Corrosion Resistant Finish What's In The B $594.94

Non Coated Front Disc Brake. On all modern cars the front brakes and usually the rear brakes make use of a rotor and.

With hydraulic brake system.

When should brake Corvette Window Switch Led Lighting Kit 1997 2004. What Are Your Brake Rotor Replacement Options? As long as there is enough thickness on a rotor and it is not significantly warped or cracked resurfacing is a solid option.

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Not sure when you should replace your brake rotors? Maybe its a better option to earn a little money by scrapping your Corvette Z06 Style Replica Wheel 17x95 1988 1996.

If you drive a car with disk brakes the parts you eventually replace are the pads calipers and rotors. Choice for those looking for brake.

Vented rotor Coated on hat and edge for rust prevention Replace in.

Notes Rotor only Rear disc brakes.

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