Corvette 3 Fusion Stainless Exhaust Speedway Tips Bi 100% T 304 Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel, TIG Welded True 3 System Factory Is 2.5 Exclusive 3 Front amp Rear Butterfly Valves Dual Polished Stainless Speedway Tips Similar To Factory Performance Exhaust But Deeper, Throatier, amp More Powerful The 3 Side Is Truly Straight Thru Volume At Idle, Cruising, And Acceleration Includes Everything Necessary For Installation Fits 2014 2018 Stingrays With Factory NPP Exhaust System Made In The U.S.A. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty Wake up C7 2014 2018 Corvette Stingray and give her the sound of yesterday with a BampB Fusion 3 exhaust system. The factory performance exhaust system option uses a 2.5 butterfly valve which is nice but doesn't sound as throaty or as deep as it could. The BampB Fusion system utilizes front and rear 3 butterfly valves for sound that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Mufflers incorporate two passages through which exhaust can travel. A butterfly valve, built into the mufflers, regulates which passage is used. Passage One is a muffled and chambered tube incorporating Billy Boat's exclusive PRT Purge Resonance Technology to eliminate drone at cruising speeds, while delivering deep and smooth American V8 muscle car sound. $2038.99

Items 1 of Corvette Camp Shirt David Carey Design Corvettes 60. Ref A E C DBE0 FFCD C0 Ref B NYCEDGE1 11 Ref C 0 0 0 10T1 Z. This GEN Fusion system comes with dual double wall SPEEDWAY polished stainless steel.

Double Wall Oval Tips 00 01. This GEN Fusion system comes with speedway polished stainless steel.

B B Corvette C Z0 ZL1 Fusion System Quad. Corvette C Fusion Exhaust Axle Back System Speedway.

Axle Back Exhaust System Automatic Trans. B B Boat Exhaust Boat Corvette C Z0 Inch X pipe With Catalytic Corvette Superbright Led Bulb Package 2005 2013. Boat exhaust systems start with T 0 stainless steel the highest quality 2015 2017 Borla Exhaust Corvette Z06 With Npp Atak Rear.

Boat systems are 0 Stainless polished and made in the USA.

Part 0 0 1.

Includes Grand Sport Speedway Tips.

Corvette Fusion Stainless Exhaust Dual Speedway Tips Boat C Z0 01 01. BOAT C CORVETTE Z0 GEN FUSION EXHAUST With Speedway Tips.

Corvette Manual Window Regulator Crank Housing Spring

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