Corvette A Nice Pair Fine Art Print By Dana Forrester A Nice Pair Fine Art Print By Award Winning Corvette Artist Dana Forrester11x17 Watercolor On Heavy Acid Free Neutral pH PaperAdd A Touch Of Class To Your Home, Office, Or Man CaveHigh Resolution Giclee Printing Is Superior To Traditional LithographsMade In The USAGive your home, office, lobby, man cave or garage a touch of class with this fine art print by acclaimed Corvette artist Dana Forrester. Dana's limited edition Corvette prints have won numerous awards and are internationally recognized in the Corvette community. Dana recreates America's sports car in the water color medium which is unique among Corvette artists. Each print is painstaking created and then high quality ink jet printed using the Giclee process pronounced jhee clay. This process produces more vivid colors, a higher level of details, and overall higher quality than traditional lithographs. Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your Corvette restoration, performance parts, and accessory needs. $99.99

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Three photographs most in color.

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