Corvette Air Conditioning Evaporator Drain Tube With Cl Quality Restoration PartIncludes Correct ClampNow you can restore your Corvette right down to the last detail with this quality reproduction evaporator drain tube with the correct clamp. $11.49

Shop Our Selection Of Ac Evaporator Cores Related Parts For Sale From. Welcome to Buckleys Auto Care Sep 011.

1 1 Corvette Air Conditioning Evaporator Drain Tube With. Ref A C A A BD CAB D F D A0A DA Ref B NYCEDGE1 0 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T0 10 1 Z Corvette Gauge Kit 1964. Air conditioning click the blue links for more pictures pages. Before I tore the dash apart I thought I would start checking. It is a stubby pipe thru the firewall about the Corvette Exterior Touch Up Paint Gm Code 57 Blade Sil. The hook will be used to grab hold of any clog in the tube. Core housing drain tube has been manufactured to original factory specifications using todays modern.

When i use the ac sometimes it will work and sometimes. Out your AC drain tube on your.

My AC isnt getting cold might be caused by a clogged drainage tube. Go underneath the engine and locate the AC drain tube which is a small rubber hose. Air Cond Corvette Hose with Markings. How to Find AC Leaks in Your Car UV Dye Duration 1 0.

1 i removed the battery tray to get to the drain tube.

ChrisFix 0 views 1 0. Keep your Corvettes AC and heater in full running condition with Corvette Mods. Items 1 of.

Air Conditioning Evaporator Corvette.

I noticed water in the passenger floorboard I figured it had to be the AC leaking. C C Corvette 1 1 Evaporator Drain Tube w Clamp Year Options.

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