Corvette Air Conditioning Kit Gen IV Vintage Air Sma Individual Rotary Electronic Controls For Electronic Operation Micro Processor Controlled Coil Temperature Monitor With No Capillary Tube To Install! Separate High Capacity Heat And Cool Coils Aluminum PlateFin AC Coil Most Efficient Evaporator Design Available Blend Air Door For Instant Temperature Adjustment, Steel Firewall Cover Plate Positive Shut Off Solenoid Operated Heater Control Valve In Max AC Passenger Side AC Mount, 1963 With Driver Side Compressor Order Bracket PN 25 284882 1 Adds High Performance R134a AC Made In The USA 3 Year Limited Warranty NOTEnbspThis unit does NOT include engine pulleys.nbsp You must determine if you have enough grooves on your water pump pulley and crank shaft pulley to add and operate the AC system. Steel and billet pulleys are available at an additional cost. Cars with factory AC should have enough grooves, but it should be verified.This small block 1963 1965 Corvette Vintage Air Gen IV air conditioning unit is sure to keep you cool even on the hottest summer days. The Gen IV™ is Vintage Air's most powerful and intelligent climate control system. Gen IV systems utilize our exclusive full $1450.00

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