Corvette Cleartastic PLUS Paint Protection Combo Kit 2 This Kit Will Protect The Paint Behind The Front And Rear Wheels Plus The Exterior Mirrors Easy Application Invisible Once Applied Pre Cut And Designed To Easily Apply Apply In Minutes Outstanding Protection One Time Application Provides Years And Years Of Protection Great For Racing Conditions And Everyday Driving Leave On All Season Wind Tested Up To 160 MPH Your C7's paint is beautiful but delicate and vulnerable. Between your own tires throwing stones back onto your paint and your mirrors sticking out exposed to oncoming debris, it's only a matter of time before that one chip ruins your perfect day! Cleartastic PLUS paint protection film addresses those two issues. It creates a clear protective barrier for your delicate paint against, scratches, rocks and road debris. Cleartastic PLUS, is invisible once applied so it does not hide or change the look of your Corvette. This kit is pre cut and designed for a simple easy application. Applies in minutes, withstands harsh weather and extreme high speeds. Cleartastic PLUS has a mild adhesive to make it a set it and forget it film. One time application provides years and years of protection. Smooth as glass appearance make it invisible once applied. Wash and wax over the film. Treat it like you paint. A great alterative to mud flaps and bulky mirror covers. $114.99

Corvette Ultraguard Plus Stretch Satin Sport Car Cover Blue Black Indoor C Sale.

Invisible Once. Cleartastic PLUS invisible front end. Zip has Cleartastic Paint Protection.

The revolutionary. You Corvettes front end is exposed to on coming road debris. Items 1 of 1. Cleartastic PLUS x Bulk Roll. 0 1 GS Z0 Front Nose Cleartastic Paint Protection. 01 01 Corvette Cleartastic PLUS Paint. C Corvette Cleartastic Rocker Panel Lower Door Film Paint Protection C Corvette. Products 1 0 of. 01 01 Corvette Cleartastic PLUS Front End Nose Paint Protection.

Fender Combo 0 1 C Behind Wheels. Liquid X Classic Ultimate Trim Detailer Combo Corvette Rear Window Setting Spacer 1964 1967. Chevy Corvette Stingray 01 Invisible Pre Cut Paint Protection Combo Decal by Cleartastic. 01 01 Paint Kit.

Perfect for the Corvette Enthusiast on the go Corvette Carbon Edition At Sebring Fine Art Print By D. Patent Pending front end covers will provide quality paint protection with incredible ease of use.

This C Corvette Stingray Fender Mirror Film from Cleartastic will protect the paint behind the front rear wheels plus the exterior mirrors. Its only a matter of time before a rock chip ruins your day.

Between your own tires throwing.

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