Corvette Distributor Rotor For HEI AC Delco 1975 199 High Quality AC Delco Replacement Distributor RotorTough Injection Molded PlasticPrecision High Temp Contact TipFor V8 With HEI IgnitionWill Not Work For ZL1The ignition system in your Corvette can really wreak havoc on your fun drive time. The distributor rotor and other ignition parts should be replaced at regular intervals to insure your engine is running its best. Distributor rotors on HEI ignition can burn out at the terminals causing rough idle and decreased performance. Replace yours today with our AC Delco original equipment equivalent and keep your Corvette happy! Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your Corvette restoration parts needs. $5.99

L V AC Delco Corvette Like A Song On The Radio Fine Art Print By Da. Looks thicker then the ac delco cap and rotor I removed. How to replace the cap and rotor button that will pass NCRS judging. Festnight Male HEI Distributor Cap Rotor Performance Replacement SBC BBC.

The distributor cap does not fit 1 corvette.

MSD Ignition 1 Distributor Cap and Rotor in Cap Rotor Kit. Items 1 of. Ref A 1FDBDC C 1 E 1100 A B Ref B NYCEDGE111 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 0 Z. Pep Boys presents How to quickly install the 1 1R Accels HEI Corrected distributor cap that organizes your spark plug wires by correcting. Mm High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set HEI SBC BBC 0.

Great replacement cap and rotor. If you need an HEI distributor cap and rotor button that will pass NCRS judging.

1 1 1 Corvette Distributor Rotor With HEI. ACDelco D X Professional Ignition Distributor Cap in Distributor Caps. JDMSPEED New 10. How to replace the cap and rotor on an HEI chevy RV Please. Check gap on the plugs i run AC Delco plugs.

Same way on the other side.

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