Corvette EGR Pipe Cover Medium Size Hook Loop Closu Protects EGR Systems From Damaging Heat, Oil, Grease, Etc.Installs Without EGR Pipe RemovalHigh Temp 2000 F Rated11.5 x 4.5 Design Fits 1985 1988 Corvettes Some 1989Made In The USAInsulating Corvette EGR valve pipes not only helps reduce heat radiating from the pipe, but also helps to keep exhaust gas temperatures higher as it is being reintroduced into the intake. Mixing with the intake air helps lower combustion temperatures for a cooler more complete fuel burn for maximum HP. Protect 1985 through 1988 Corvette L98 EGR systems and nearby under hood components from damaging heat with the proper EGR Pipe Cover. With DEIs sewn in hook loop edges, installing the EGR cover is a simple, quick andstraightforward replacement without removing the EGR pipe. Just wrap the cover around EGR pipe and close edges. Trim off any excess material if necessary. Its that easy.EGR Covers are made of a high temperature rated glass fiber fabric bonded to a heat reflective aluminized outer facing. Capable of handling direct heat up to 500 F and 2000 F radiant, EGR Covers also provide protection from oil, grease and chemical spills.Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your C4 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989 performance, restoration, upgrade, accessory needs.NOTEnbspSome 1989 Corvettes Could Have Either A 11.5 Or 15 EGR Pipe $12.82

Protect 1 through 1 1 Corvette L EGR systems and nearby under hood components from damaging heat with the proper EGR Pipe Cover. A heat reflective aluminized outer facing. Ref A 1 B0 A F C E D ED AA A CE Ref B NYCEDGE101 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 Z Corvette Interior T Top Or Luggage Storage Straps 1968. The EGR pipes from a 1 1 car or you need to remove your EGR system. These EGR covers will also deliver protection from grease chemical spills and oil leaks. Pipe Inlet Diameter Exhaust Pipes and Tips Corvette Stingray Airaidreg Performance Air Filter W.

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WW 0 1 01 0. Please use the drop down menu above to make your size year selection. Covers the EGR valve port on the 0 HO manifold P N 101 0 Corvette Rk Sport Supercharger Hood Carbon Fiber 2.

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