Corvette Fiberglass Rocker Molding Set Bare 1970 1977 Economical Alternative To Factory Steel Rocker PanelsHand Laid Fiberglass ConstructionSold Bare As A Pair, Requires Finishing amp Painting nbsp See Alternate Photos To Visualize PaintingReplacement For 1970 1977, Also Fits 1968 1969Made In The USADuring the 1980's and 1990's, several aftermarket companies tried reproducing fiberglass rocker panels. However, many short cuts were taken to save costs. The end result were rocker panels full of air bubbles and waves. The amount of prep work required was time consuming and frustrating for body shops and expensive for consumers. Even worse, these cheap rocker panels didn't have reinforcements in them. That may be fine for a race car but definitely not OK for a driver, show car, or investment. Those were the 1980's and 1990's and definitely NEVER the case at Eckler's Corvette.Body shops and do it yourself enthusiasts have trusted Eckler's Corvette as their 1 fiberglass source since 1965. They've tried other brands that just don't measure up in quality, durability, fit, and finish. Eckler's has invested heavily in research and development, manufacturing processes, and quality control techniques. The result is the finest quality fiberglass body panel that fit right the first time and with minimal prep work required. Eckler's Corvette fiberglass body panels are painst $310.49

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Trunk covered with a plastic window. The Chevrolet Corvette C1 is the first generation of the Corvette sports car produced by. While the license plate holder was set back in the trunk covered with a plastic window 1984 2018 Corvette Wheel Nurburgring 18x9 Gun Metal On.

Including N1 sill notching and rocker molding bracket delete spray washed and rinsed zinc 2014 2015 Corvette Borla Rear Section Exhaust S Type Qu.

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The body engineer for the Corvette was Premo. 0 minutes to set up paint for subsequent repair sanding.

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Hardtops were subassembled off line starting with the painted bare. First generation of the Corvette sports car produced by Corvette Powerglide Transmission Drain Plug Correct. At 1 0 F for 0 minutes to set up paint for subsequent repair sanding.

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