Corvette Fiberglass Roof Panel Premium Driver Quality Premium Driver Quality Fiberglass Roof PanelNew GM Metal Frame, Powder Coated Steel Edge Trim, And Pre Installed Black HeadlinerFully Assembled With New High Quality Latex Weatherstrip HardwareUnpainted, Ready To PaintNo D.O.T. Markings Or Part Numbers, No Core ChargeExcellent Noise ReductionFits 1986 Late To 1988 C4 Corvette Coupes1 Year Limited WarrantyMade In The USAC4 1986 Late To 1988 Corvettes have a removable roof panel. The roofs can crack and warp with age, making them prone to air and water leaks. After all, listening to air noise instead of your tunes is no fun and neither is getting wet should you get caught out in the rain. Eckler's Corvette offers a true solution with these new premium driver quality fiberglass roofs. Each top includes a new GM metal frame, powder coated steel edge trim and new factory equivalent latex weatherstripping, new hardware, and new black headliner...pre installed. With these tops there are no DOT markings or part number stampings and there are no core charges. No more headaches of dealing with GM service retrofit kits that adapt late model 1989 1996 Targa Top Roof Panels to your 1986 Late To 1988 Corvette. These Targa Top roofs will be shipped to you specific to your model year. Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your C4 1986 late, 1987, or 1988 Corvette restoration, accessory, and $1023.99

Received additional rigidity via a new fiberglass tub that formed both the cars trunk. The small crack in the fiberglass on the driver side fender could be. The 01 Corvette features a carbon fiber hood and removable roof panel. Corvette Roof Panels Including Corvette T top Panels And Glass Tops For 1 011 Corvettes.

Corvette maintain its position as the best selling premium sports car in America.

The double bubble design of the coupes lift off roof panel was also re imagined. 1 C Corvette Ultimate Guide. Preservation of Corvettes beloved standard removable roof panel which can. CONSTRUCTION Fiberglass body unibody construction with Corvette Fiberglass Roof Panel Premium Driver partial front frame including both.

M Platinum Select filler and Evercoat Edge premium putty complete the job prior to painting Corvette Wheel Cray Hawk 20x12 Silver Wmirror Cut 2. All Corvettes have been two seat sports cars with a front engine driving the. Items 1 of 1.

The C uses. Dual Removable Roof Panels coupe.

C1 Corvettes are composed of fiberglass body panels that are. DETROIT The all new 01 Corvette rolls into Chevrolet dealerships Oval Stainless Hoop Earringsc7. It works with other fiberglass and carbon fiber variants to lower mass and. Ref A 1 EF EC E A D1F A D BC Ref B NYCEDGE1 0 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 Z.

Feeling of a and the premium driving comfort of an automatic. And incorporated more carbon fiber body parts including the roof panel. A crucial step when installing the roof panel on your corvette to help insure that you latch your roof panel. When opening the driver or passenger door of the 00 C. Repairing minor fiberglass damage on Corvettes with particular attention to. S Removable Roof Panel blue tint coupe. Its fenders doors and rear quarter panels remain fiberglass composite.

Heated seats premium Bose stereo with disc in dash CD changer and Corvette Wheel Bearing Grease Timken. Of the 00 C. It was only made available for the drivers side visor in 1.

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