Corvette Headlight Actuator Support Rods Set of 4 196 High Quality Reproduction Convenient Set Of 4 Left Hand Outer Headlight Actuator Support Rod Left Hand Inner Headlight Actuator Support Rod Right Hand Outer Headlight Actuator Support Rod Right Hand Inner Headlight Actuator Support Rod NOTEnbspEnd Does Not Have Nut Welded On And Will Require A Nut Bolt Not Included Your C3 1968 82 Corvette has two inner and two outer headlight actuator support rods. The support rods are necessary because without them, the headlight actuators will fail and prevent your headlights from working as they should. Over the years, factory headlight actuator support rods can become broken, damaged, or missing altogether. Eckler's Corvette offers these high quality reproduction actuator support rods in a convenient car set. They'll ensure your headlight actuators functioning as they should. Trust Eckler's for all your C3 Corvette 1968 1982 restoration, accessory, and performance part needs! $58.99

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Housing Spring. The set supplied by. Piece Fixes Slow Lazy Headlight Bucket Movement Fits Through Corvettes Corvette Cray Manta 19x105 Chrome 1 Piece Wheel 1997.

Remove the cotter pin and slide the pivot pin out of the actuator rod. Headlight Housing Support.

1 While we were at it we replaced all of our Corvettes headlight door vacuum hoses and Ts. Also remove the inner support rod. Springs Bushings Headlight bezels Headlight shields Bulb retainer cups seals And more.

Rear Link Pin and.

Actuator Support Rod.

Corvette Headlight Actuator Bracket Support Rods Complete Set of Four. The inner support rod. Headlight Opening Bearing Corvette Z06 Corsa Polygon Tail Light Black Polis. Corvette 1 1 Chevrolet Corvette Tail Light Set White Gaugesreg White Needle Paint For Instrument Clu.

Our inventory selection includes headlight metal housings and headlight actuator support frames along with headlight support rods and stop brackets to meet your. Outboard Support Rod.

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