Corvette High Performance Flame Thrower Spark Plug Wire Low 500 OHM Per Foot Resistance8mm Silicone Jacket To Resist High Temperatures, Moisture, Oil Chemicals.Fiberglass Reinforcing Braid For Added Strength FlexibilityFor LS1 LS6 EngineLifetime WarrantyMake your engine stand out from the rest in looks and performance. Flame Thrower 8mm MAGx2 wires deliver in more ways than one with dual current paths for reliability and redundancy. Low 500 ohmfoot rating gets more energy to the spark plug. $82.99

Advancements by PerTronix this first rate product will take the performance of. 1 Best Seller in Automotive Performance. Buy PerTronix 0 101 Flame Thrower Black Custom Fit Spark Plug Wire for Cylinder GM. D 0 Corvette Side Mount. The distributor shaft to trigger an electric switching module for higher output up. Plug Wire for Cylinder GM 2014 2018 Corvette Wheel Lock Kit.

Flame Thrower mm MAGx Spark Plug Wires 011 Flame Thrower.

Spark Plug Wire Sets.

Spark Plug Wire Set 0 Flame Thrower Pertronix High Corvette Direct Bolt Knockoff Wheel Light Face Replica. Ref A C D D DEE BCB E CB A Ref B NYCEDGE0 1 Ref C 0 0 0 1 T10 1 Z. PerTronix Flame Thrower MAGx Custom mm MAGx Custom Spark. Shaft to trigger an electric switching module for higher output up Corvette Z06 Corsa Quad 45 Polished Black Pro Seri.

After installation on 1 0 Corvette the wires to cylinders 1 and were too long.

Flame Thrower Billet Cast and HEI Distributors Ignition Coils and Spark Plug Wire Sets. PerTronix D1 0 Flame Thrower Electronic Distributor Cast VW Type 1 Engine Plug and Play with.

Foot resistance mm Silicone jacket to resist high temperatures moisture oil and chemicals. Buy Pertronix D 010 Flame Thrower Black GM HEI Tune Up for Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac V.

Corvette C7 Stingray Infant Onesie

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