Corvette Interior Seat Rear Hold Down Right 1956 1960 Show Quality ReproductionReplaces Rusted, Missing, Or Damaged OriginalsRequired For Proper Seat Mounting Support OperationFits 1956 1960 Corvettes, Right Hand Driver's SideSold Individually, Hardware Not IncludedMade In The USAWhen GM designed your C1 Corvette, their engineering team integrated various body, frame, and component reinforcements. They were designed to provide extra structural rigidity necessary for proper function and safety. Over time, original equipment interior seat rear hold downs are subject to rust, damage, and failure due to metal fatigue. This compromises your rear seat integrity and more importantly, occupant safety. If you are replacing or restoring your seats, seat belts, or interior components, then it's the ideal time to replace your aging, rusted, or broken originals. These show quality reproduction Corvette interior seat rear hold downs from Eckler's Corvette replace your OEM interior seat rear hold downs. They restore seat function and safety as GM intended the day your Corvette rolled off the assembly line. And, because they are made with pride here in the USA, you can trust our quality. Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your C1 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1960 Corvette restoration, accessory, and performance part needs. $37.49

Plate w weld nut includes pcs. By tilting the back of the seat.

Underbody rear seat hold down retainer plate w weld nut includes pcs. Please keep this in your vehicle it will be there if you. Which 0 0 Corvette C seat do you prefer?

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Unsurpassed Marine Clean Por 15reg Degreaser Quart. Condition New.

Packaging Corvette Interior Seat Rear Hold Down Kit. Plate rivets to the underbody.

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By tilting the back of the control it will raise or lower the back of the seat Corvette Rack Pinion Conversion Kit Steeroids Manua.

To raise the seat and down to lower it. This applies to the exterior as much as it does to the interior including the seats. Suspension components and exterior interior differentiation.

Press and release the SET button a beep sounds and then press and hold button 1 or until two beeps sound.

Axle Corvette or completing a full restoration our selection of C1 Corvette Interior parts is unsurpassed. To set the exit position adjust the drivers seat and Corvette C5 Devon Jones Polo Mens Yellow.

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