Corvette LT1 Performance Spark Plug Wires 8MM Granate Direct OEM Replacement, Exceeds OEM specifications, OBD II Computer SafeIncrease Power To The Spark Plug Up To 400% Over StockAverage Gains On Stock Motor Are 5HP NA and 12 to 15 With Factory Forced Induction0 Ohm Resistance, No RFI Or EMI Interference Thanks To Patented Protector RingSolid Stainless Connector Cable With Stainless Snap Lock Spark Plug ConnectorsHigh Temperature Silicone Boots, 8MM Jacket With Fiberglass Reinforced BraidResists Temperatures Up to 500 degrees FMade In The USAOver time, the spark plug wires on your C4 LT1 Corvette can become brittle and cause engine misfires. This prevents your engine from producing all of the power and performance it should. It can even cause broken pistons by causing pre ignition and detonation. Even if you don't drive your Corvette very often, age can cause the wires to fail. The solution is a new set of spark plug wires but which ones do you choose. You could install factory wires and that will restore factory performance but they have over 1,000 ohms of resistance per foot. More resistance means less overall power. That means factory replacement spark plug wires are not the answer. When replacing your spark plug wires, why not upgrade to something better that will actually increase performance and power. T $136.80

1 1 Corvette Spark Plug Wires LT1 Or LT Red Spiro Pro Taylor. MSD LS High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set LT1 LT Camaro Corvette. Mm Replacement For Chevy GM LT1 LT. Mm Spark Plug Wires Chevy Pontiac. Spark Plug Wire Set LT1 LT Camaro Corvette Corvette Front Emblem Decal Overlay Carbon Fiber 1984. MSD LS High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set 10.

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Mm Super Conductor Assembled Spiral Core Red Wire Gray Boots Cadillac Chevy GMC Small Block Gen V.

LT1 Corvette Camaro Trans Am Optispark Distributor Cap. Corvette Engine And Related Corvette Ignition And Corvette Spark 1974 76 Corvette Stingray Side Emblem. MSD Spiral. Chevrolet Performance Spark Plug Wire Set.

Spark Plug Wire Sets. LS1 LS LS LS. L 1 1 Spark Plug Wires LT1 Or LT Red Spiro Pro Taylor.

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MSD LS High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set.

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