Corvette PRT 3 Stainless Exhaust System Dual Speedway 100% T 304 3 Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel, TIG Welded Dual Polished Stainless Speedway Tips Mellow Sounds At Cruising Speeds Aggressive Sounds Under Acceleration Sound Is Controlled By Unique Purge Chamber Similar To Factory Designed Butterfly Valve Includes Everything Necessary For Installation Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty Wake up your C7 2014 2018 Corvette Stingray and give her the sound of yesterday with a Billy Boat PRT 3 exhaust system. The BampB Performance Exhaust PRT C7 exhaust system is the latest in resonance control technology from BampB. Completely redesigned and re engineered for the C7, the system is simple in design, though more complex in theory. This BampB Performance Exhaust PRT system works purely on physics and adrenaline. The BampB C7 PRT exhaust incorporates their own version of the factory designed butterfly valve to control back pressure and sound when your C7 goes into economy mode, maintaining all the technology from the factory. Unlike the factory base model C7, which only has a 2.0' outlet for the exhaust, the BampB PRT allows a mellow sound at cruising speeds and a sport note when you're tearing up the streets. It allows true straight through exhaust passage under aggressive driving conditions, though a mello $1416.99

Jones Exhaust Stainless Steel Cut Dual Exhaust Tip Inlet. Corvette X Pipe SR1 Performance C Stingray Z 1 Z0 Grand Sport Corvette Holley 3247 Carburetor New 427 425hp 196.

Ref A 0F 1CCC A A CACF AFE F BE C D Ref B NYCEDGE101 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T11 Z Premier Quality Products Weatherstrip Hood Rear Edge. Boat Exhaust PRT Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust System with Quad Rear. Each Boat Performance Exhaust system incorporates generations of.

Corvette Fusion Stainless Exhaust Dual Speedway Tips Boat C Z0.

Side Exhaust W GM Style Covers For SBC W Manifolds Stainless Pipes. The B B Fusion system utilizes front and rear butterfly valves for sound that.

Boat Catalogue part number and we will process your order immediately. Kooks Corvette Prt 3 Stainless Exhaust System 1 0 100 Stainless inch X Pipe for 1 00 Corvette C. A Corvette is the ultimate driving machine but you can only.

Corvette Specialties has teamed up with Boat Exhaust Systems to supply our. Every system starts with T 0 stainless steel known throughout the industry as. Being a part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies we are members of a. Style Covers For SBC W Manifolds Stainless Pipes. Borla S Type Stainless Steel Axle Back Exhaust System with Split Rear Exit. Vette Lab has the top Corvette C C and C exhaust systems at great prices to help.

Tube incorporating Boats exclusive PRT Purge Resonance Technology to. Chevy Corvette Performance Exhaust Systems 00.

Corvette Exhaust System B B PRT w Quad Round Tips 1 00 C Z0.

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