Corvette Radiator Hose Upper 390HP Show Quality 196 Best Quality Replacement Radiator Hose For CorvetteCorrect Hose Dimensions With GM Logo Part Number StampingFits 1969 C3 Corvette With 427 390HP Engine With Or Without Power SteeringHeavy, Molded Reinforced Rubber As OriginalAny C3 Corvette will need new radiator hoses at some point. So, why not purchase show quality radiator hoses for your Stingray that is perfect for the daily driver or weekend warrior and win you valuable points at car shows Eckler' Corvette has these radiator hoses which were patterned after an original GM hose that fits your 390HP 427 Big Block so they fit right and have the correct GM part and markings. So if you are doing a driveway repair or replacing a hose on your show Corvette, Eckler's Corvette has only the best parts like these radiator hoses always at the best possible price. Trust Eckler's Corvette for all your C3 1969 Corvette performance part, restoration, and accessory needs. $38.99

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