Corvette Seat Belt Retractable ShoulderLap 1972 1973 Replacement Set 3 Panel Webbing New Hardware Included Color Matched 7.5 Sleeves Push Button Buckle With GM Logo Illustration Included Fits Both Coupe And Convertible Keep yourself and your passenger out of harms way using these new retractable seat and shoulder belts. It's the law you are required to have belts so don't rely on those 20 year old belts, install these using the hardware included. The 7.5 sleeves are also included which match the color of the belts. Play it safe and install these today. Choose the color required from the selection supplied. $496.79

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1 1 Jeep Wrangler Retractor Front Shoulder Lap Belts.

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Seat belt assembly black retractable replacement style.

Chevy Corvette Seatbelt Planet 1 1 Chevy Corvette.

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We supply various types of seat belts including retractable shoulder and lap belts.

Includes retractors GM push button buckles and mounting bolt kit. Customize your Chevy Corvette with our aftermarket replacement seat belts.

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