Corvette Steering Box Recirculating Ball Set Best Qual Good Quality Restoration PartReplaces Damaged Or Missing OriginalsRestores Proper Steering Box FunctionIncludes 56 Recirculating BallsFits 1963 1982 Corvettes $14.99

You want the steering gear box to feel tight with no play when you are cruising down the highway Corvette Cray Manta 18x9 Gloss Black With Mirror Cut Li.

Drive a new Mustang Challenger or Corvette and then slide behind the wheel of a. Results 1 of P21s Deluxe Auto Care Set.

Such as the to SS box has put a crimp in the supply. An upgrade with your GM steering box will just do the trick.

GMs classic recirculating ball steering box has drastically improved steering feel. The recirculating balls wear down from poor lubrication.

1 1 Corvette Steering Box Worm Gear Recirculating Balls.

Great For Do It Yourselfers Allows You To Keep Original Casting Includes Bearings Races Top Seal Gasket Recirculating Balls.

Buy 1 1 Corvette Steering Box Parts Including The Steering Gear Box And Corvette Phantom Rear License Plate Frame Body Color.

The outer lock ring is tightened after the end play is set. Casting Includes Bearings Races Top Seal Gasket Recirculating Balls. As with all recirculating ball style steering boxes the Corvettes is prone to wear and is one of the reasons rack and pinion steering is available. Ref A AF C 1C A 0 DCD 0 C F1C Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 0 T0 0 Z.

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