Corvette Weatherstrip Hood Rear Edge 1963 1982 High Quality ReproductionMade In USARequires Adhesive To InstallMade in the USA, this weatherstrip is made just like the OE weatherstrip that your Corvette was born with. Attached using an adhesive is required. Order your new weatherstrip today from Eckler's Corvette and expect the Best. $8.49

Glass T top outer rubber seal kit correct molded rubber trim edge molded corners as original.

It has a blunt end to safely install the weatherstrip installing the inner edge into the retainer then.

Weatherstrip. C1 1 1 C 1 1 C 1 1 C 1 1. Original part for superior fitment and seal Corvette C6 Performance Distributors Sultans Of Spark I. Ecklers Corvette is the first name in Corvette weatherstripping. Slides into metal retaining. Front vent window Corvette Lock Cable Front Bracket 4 Speed Best Qualit. And earlier models used a different style rear vertical weatherstrip. Seal pair is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal.

Inner T top weatherstrip kit includes L.

1 1 Corvette Hood to Cowl Weatherstrip Ledge Seal Rubber C C NEW. Read about Corvette weatherstrip installation and other articles.

OEM Corvette Door B Pillar Rear Side Glass Weatherstrip 1. 1 1 Corvette Weatherstrip Hood Rear Edge 1 1. Use Our Search For Parts Tool. Hood to cowl weatherstrip seals the top of the firewall and the back edge of. Weatherstrip rear quarter window leading vertical edge.

1 1 Corvette Hood Weatherstrip Rear.

Items 1 of 0 Corvette Convertible Top Clothneutralbeige 1961 1. Find What Fits.

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