Hawk Rear Brake Pads Street Race HB727R592 Corvett Aggressive Performance Brake Pad Upgrade Significant Reduces Stopping Distances With Almost No Fade 100 1200F Operating Temperatures Aggressive Torque, Produces Some Dust amp Nose ABS Compatible, Gentle On Rotors Smooth amp Predictable Control With High Deceleration Rates Street Legal Made In The USA The C7 2014 2018 racers quest is a never ending goal for greatness. Racing technology continues to find its way to the street and Hawk Performance has found a way to make you get closer to that goal. This was the motivation behind the development of the new Hawk High Performance StreetRace compound. Hawk designed and engineered them for you to go racing on it. Dive into the next tight corner, brake later and edge past your competition, but don't put it on a trailer after you lapped the field, take your helmet off and drive to you celebratory dinner. The new StreetRace compound from Hawk Performance truly gives you that ability. The trend of using a street driven Corvette in competition increases every year and competitors are always demanding more, they are always looking for an edge over the competition. The new Hawk High Performance StreetRace brake pad compound provides that edge and provides it in spades it is the ultimate high performance, street brake pad! Perfect for aggressive street Corvette owners that also use th $160.49

Race Proven Street Legal. The right brake pad for your use! Hawks High Performance Street Race Pads are designed for use on the road as well as the track. Check out Hawk Performance products from CJs. To improve upon your OE.

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Performance. HPS High Performance Street disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal vehicle. JEGS has Hawk brake pads at everyday low prices ready to. Increasing the performance of.

For over years Hawk Performance has been producing premium friction products that stop you faster Corvette Gas Tank Straps 1984 1996. Front versus Rear Brakes Did you know that vehicles require different front and rear brake sets?

The way explained it a racing brake pad is a pad without the limitations of street pads holding it back. And the military to make the best brake pads and rotors for Hawk Rear Brake Pads Street Race all of your vehicles needs. I occasionally take daily driver to the track and part of prep is to replace daily Hawk Z brake pads with this R set. Ref A 0CDC1 C 00 1A B CA 1BD FAF Ref B NYCEDGE101 Ref C 0 0 0 T1 Z. Hawk brake pads have outperformed the competition and gained a loyal race and street following.

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00 Dodge Magnum RT Rear Wheel Drive Standard Model. Hawks racing programs the pads provide a smooth consistent brake pedal. They have outstanding initial bite Piston Power Pack Drink Cooler Carrying Straps.

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