Hawk Z06 Front Brake Pads HPS 50 HB649B605 Corvette Performance Brake Pad Upgrade Decreases Stopping Distances With Minimal Fade Ferro Carbon Compound Provides High Friction amp Torque, Hot Or Cold Improves Pedal Pressure amp Feel ABS Compatible, Gentle On Rotors, Low Noise Fits Front Brakes Of 2015 2018 C7 Corvette Z06 Made In The USA Hitting the rev limiter in your C7 Corvette 2015 2018 Z06 just took on a whole new meaning with Hawk Performance's High Performance Street 5.0. For years engine builders have been pushing motors to the limits of their ability, and at Hawk Performance we continue to get one step closer to the ABS Rev Limiter. High Performance Street 5.0 is one step closer to giving you the greatest stopping power and pedal feel for your vehicle without compromising your ABS. Too much Brake Torque and your ABS goes into ICE mode, too little and there is no improvement to the product. Pedal feedback, Noise, Brake Torque and Dust control was the goal with High Performance Street 5.0. These brake pads allow you to challenge yourself and your Corvette with a new and unique driving feel.The High Performance Street 5.0 Pads are a Ferro Carbon compound brake pads that provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This new compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design partnered with the $194.02

1 01 Corvette Brake Pads Hawk HPS. Vehicles braking system is easy when you choose Hawk Performances HPS.

Buy Hawk Performance HB Z. Results 1 of 11.

0 Performance Street Brake Pad for Chevy.

0 front rear brake pads from Corvette Mods for better stopping power and brake life. This is a complete front and rear set of Hawk. 0 Performance Street Brake Pad for Chevy Corvette GS Z0 ACDelco 1 K 0 Professional Front Disc Corvette Concrete Heaven Fine Art Print By Dana Forres.

Hawk HPS Brake Pads at Zip Products complete source for C Corvette brake system performance.

For the C C Corvette s and C s including Z 1 and the C Z0 Corvette Stingray Throttle Body Cover Painted Body Col. Brake Pad for Chevy Corvette GS Z0 ACDelco 1 K 0 Professional Front Disc. Get C Corvette Stingray 01 plus Hawk HPS. The Hawk Front set of high performance series brake pads for your Corvette C 00 01 will add much needed stopping power to your Corvette C. 1 01 Corvette Brake Pads Corvette Brake Pads Corvette Brake Pads Hawk HPS.

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