High Performance Ignition Systems Design Build And Written By Automotive Tech Writer amp Expert Todd Ryden 144 Pages, 275 Color Photos Soft Bound, 8.5 x 11 Gives Readers The Information They Need To Understand All Ignition Systems Covers Domestic amp Import 4, 6, amp 8 Cylinder Engines Including Stock, Aftermarket, Upgrades Includes Handy Wiring Diagrams Completely Revised amp Updated From Best Selling 2004 Version Made In The USA ISBN 9781613250808 This revised and updated edition of How to Build High Performance Ignition Systems is the complete guide to understanding automotive ignition systems, from old school points and condensers to modern computer controlled distributorless systems, from bone stock to totally aftermarket. Author Todd Ryden leads you through the various components, systems, and subsystems, explaining the theory behind how the parts work with each other to achieve the ultimate goal of efficient combustion. Coils, wires, spark plugs, distributors, magnetos, inductive systems, CD ignitions, multiple spark systems, computer ignition controls, and rev limiters are explained using clear text and 275 color photos and wiring diagrams. This book will help you understand how your car's ignition works, and it will help you choose the right components for your car's per $30.49

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It is popular for its simplicity in design low in cost and robust in performance.

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