Ram Clutches Ram Pro Street 105 Dual Disc 800 Lbs High Performance Dual Disc Clutch Upgrade Ideal For Supercharged, Turbocharged, Nitrous, Built Engines, amp Track Use 8 10 Lbs. Lighter Than Factory Clutch System For Quicker Acceleration amp More Power Organic 300 Series Clutch Compound Handles Up To 800 Llb. Ft. Torque 2,500 Pound Static Pressure Load Provides Excellent Pedal Effort Strap Driven Floater Plate Provides Quiet And Smooth Operation Without Chatter Low Profile Cover Fits Without Modifications Billet Steel Pressure Ring And Bolt In Diaphragm Is User Serviceable In The Field Includes SFI Billet Flywheel, SFI High Clamp Pressure Plate, Clutch Assembly, amp Align Tool Made In The USA The clutch in your factory C7 Corvette works great for everyday driving and spirited driving. However, what if you add a supercharger, turbocharger, or seriously modify your engine The factory clutch won't last very long with serious power or repeated track use. At this point, it's time to upgrade your clutch. Some aftermarket clutches can take the added power but they can be noisier. The significantly higher pedal pressure can simply wear your leg out and take the fun out of driving especially in traffic.The solution is Ram's Pro Street dual disc 10.5 clu $1999.00

1 Mustang Ram Powergrip Clutch 10. RAM introduces our new release bearings for drag racing clutches in 10 and 11 inch diameters. The release bearing is constructed utilizing a sealed. Dual disc clutch system is the direct result of years worth of producing the Force 10. RAM Pro Street Dual Disc clutch system. RAM Clutches Pro Street Dual Disc 00S Ram Clutches Ram Pro Street 105 Bolt LS. Available with 00 Series organic friction material for a super smooth engagement on the street and holding power up to 0 HP. Ram Clutches offers Pro Street Dual Disc Series produced with a billet diaphragm cover construction. Ref A F FF B B C B D A E Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 10T1 Z.

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The heart of this design is the billet aluminum cover which is.

Mustang McLeod Super Street Pro Clutch 10. Increased clamp load pressure Good Street Manners. High horsepower Mustang with Rams 1 1 Mustang Powergrip Corvette Factory Assembly Manual Sets Pdf Cd Rom 1953.

RAM Clutches Pro Street Dual Disc clutch system. The companys newly designed billet. A 00 Series metallic version. 00 BA RAM Pilot bushing. And Pro Street dual disc systems that feature an. RAM started with a clean sheet of paper in designing the Pro Street Dual Disc 00S Bolt LS.

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