Van Steel Camber Plate Kit Aluminum Frame Cars VS 974 CNC Machined Aerospace Aluminum Material Non Corrosive SS Studs Yellow Zinc Class 10 Bolts amp Nuts Eliminates Alignment Movement Fits Aluminum Frame Cars C6 Z06 amp ZR1 This kit allows you to align the car from the top vs the eccentric cams on the lower a arms. This is ideal for autocross and long track drivers as this is a quick change alignment kit. The aluminum blocks replace the eccentric cams which can move with high side loading. The block will prevent any lower a arm cambercaster change. Studs are used on the front upper a arms in lue of the OE bolts. By sliding the a arm off of the stud, you can add or subtract shims to obtain your alignment specs. It will be ideal to have the car aligned with street specs and race specs and note the differences in shims for a quick change out. $393.49

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